"Your Meals Can Change Your Future" Says Vedic Astrology

After Einsteins's Concept of Relativity, man's obsession with Partial Philosophy turned to Holistic Philosophy. The Entire,after all, is much more essential and higher than the sum of its components! Aren't we puny components of the Fantastic Entire ?

As for each media reviews, she is dealing with some well being issues. It has been reported that she fainted on the sets of "Tees Maar Khan". Her hemoglobin problem has also been noted by the media. In Astrologer in California Mars denotes RBC (Red Blood Cells). Mars is afflicted in the "prashna" horoscope by becoming debilitated.


Venus- Venus is lord of 1st and 8th houses. The lord of 8th usually is extremely malefic but in this situation the lordship of 1st house supersedes the maleficence of eighth house as we noticed for Mars for Aries ascendant. Here Moola trikona signal of Venus also falls in the ascendant. So Venus is extremely a lot auspicious for Tula Lagna.

Mercury- Mercury is the lord of ninth and 12th houses and provides results of 9th home of the other house of the twelfth lord. Mercury bestows good fortunes, wealth, grace, of rulers, spiritual inclination and charities and so on. Weak Mercury causes sudden reversal of fate.



As the ninth lord is in sixth, the indigenous's father might have to face well being problems. Unless correct care is exercised it might create into a chronic illness. Their revenge is always cruel and swift if they feel that they have been cheated. Prosperity will be here gained as a outcome of successful termination of father's authorized problems. Cash as compensation arrives to them immediately. Their father may have to encounter litigation and other issues. Because the ninth lord is in the tenth from the ninth, father gets to be effective professionally.

As the seventh lord is in the 6th, marital happiness is under threat. Their partner's constitution might not be at par with theirs. If they dont check the patience of partner with as well much demands / concerns every thing will go smoothly between them. They will have to integrate patience and perseverance which ultimately yields good return. Their spouse becomes too sickly and jealous when they demand as well a lot.

The above mention particulars are given by Globe Well-known Astrologer Hemant Sharma ji for the Predictions Pisces Lagna. He is getting thousands of customers and devotees globally who take his consultancy.

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